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Water Tree Studios’ Founder, Megan Waters shares how she fell in love with weddings. from Water Tree Studios on Vimeo.

I simply love weddings and events. My first job when I was 15 years old was at a bridal dress store. The brides would come in try on their dress and share the details of their up coming wedding day. It was so exciting and I loved being surrounded by all the tulle, accessories and gowns! Fast forward to 2007 when I started Water Tree Studios to Love. Capture. Share. my passion for weddings and video/photo production with each couple that honored my team and I with the capture of their big day.

My team and I feel that it is not just a “wedding video or wedding album”…it is a “love story”. With that comes great responsibility and care to capture and then tell each couple’s story. Giving them a final video that encapsulates a couple’s love, the details, the words and moments of such a momentous day in their lives.

Our shooting style is all about the details and reactions. That is what makes an amazing and very personal video. We want to capture every detail of an event because we know how much time has gone into the planning. We bare the sole responsibility of being the only team to give a couple a way to relive, share and enjoy on the words, motions and emotions of their wedding day.
Love. Capture. Share.

Megan Waters
Founder | Love Storyteller | Creative Director
Water Tree Studios