1. How long after my event date do I receive the final video if I elected an edited package?
Within 9 weeks of event.

2. Do I get to choose my own music for the video edit?
Yes! Music is so personal. We welcome and prefer your selections as it is your video.

3. What is the deposit to book your services?
50% of total balance. Check out our payment plan options!

4. How many years have you captured weddings and events on video?
Water Tree Events opened its doors in 2007. Founder, Megan Waters has been capturing events since 2000.

5. Are you insured?

6. How well do you work with photographers?
The recording of an event through photography and videography are two different types of captures. We recognize that the photographer must capture a specific emotion and event in a single frame while our cameras continue to roll. For this reason, we encourage them to take the lead while we shoot over their shoulder or along side. We get better more natural moments when clients stay focused on the photography camera.

7. What is your shooting style?
We are a blend of cinematic and documentary style. We never wish to inject ourselves into the event. Rather, let it unfold and capture the actions and reactions. Our cameras are steady because we shoot on rolling tripods and use stabilization equipment. No shaky hand held shots!

8. Have you filmed at my venue?
We have filmed at dozens of venues.

9. How do you come dressed to my event?
Presentation is everything. Our team comes professionally dressed in black with a collared golf shirt displaying our logo. This way we are easily identifiable to you, your guests, and fellow vendors.

10. Do do you have any reviews that I could read?
We sure do! See Our Reviews Page

11. Do you accept credit card payments?
Yes. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

12. Do you film more than weddings?
We are filming all the time.
Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs
Engagement / love stories
Memorials/ funerals
Trash-the-dress videos
Corporate videos
Reality TV
TV pilots
Medical videos